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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Some grownup knitting (aka my crapmed closet)

Here are a couple of shots of my closet. I realize now that most of these are inside-out. I guess I hang them that way so they won't get dusty? Who knows. Okay so I'm crazy.

Anyway here are a bunch of things I made and ended up keeping for myself.

The ones with the kind of spaghetti straps are SUPER easy to do because you knit them in the round and use #11s. I can do one of these in two or three nights (I do 90% of my knitting after 7pm in front of the tv - yes, life IS exciting).

Special thanks go to Cooper's mom Patti for showing me the Half Double Crochet I now use for the straps. It's not too bulky and it lays down very nice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHOA dude...I can't believe how much stuff you've made. It is truly awe-inspiring!!

I am wondering about the sweater hanging, though. Won't that stretch out your knitting? Or maybe that's what you wanna do?

Have you sent your blog URL to any of our pals yet? You should!


3:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, It's Kay. I'm a friend of Jenny, who pointed me here.

Anyway, Denise needles are the best! I love mine, think they are genius.

Knit on!

1:28 PM

Blogger Fishnits said...

You are amazing! And I thought the last thing I wanted to do was knit a sweater in sweaty old Burbank in August! Now I must run out and stock up on yarn. I am motivated beyond belief! I have only knitted scarves thus far-- 12 to be exact. My friends are probably getting bored with me. Better learn how to make those tank tops!

Love the lable!

Julie Fishnit

10:04 AM


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