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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Allow me to introduce DENISE

Almost two years have passed since Jenny (aka Knitting Sensei) taught me how to knit. Like many new knitters, once I decided to be a knitter I quickly realized I was going to need A LOT of needles - it seemed like every project I started needed a different one. And it wasn't enough to have #11s - depending on what you're doing you want long ones or short ones. Or circular ones - and if you get those then you need short, medium and long in those too (depending on what you want to make).

With that in mind, it wasn't long before I learned that knitting needles are expensive, and having literally dozens of pairs was getting pretty pricey. Of course, I went straight to eBay, and eventually I won an auction for a buttload of various needles and notions, which kept me happy for a while.

Then Jeanette told me about DENISE. My best friend Denise.

This is the greatest invention in the world.

In this case (which will run you about 40 bucks) you will find every needle in every size (5-15US) and every configuration you will ever need.

You can use them as circular needles, add the stoppers at either end of two center sections to make a pair of straight needles, use the stoppers at either end to make stitch holders, it's endless, I tell you - endless.

And the Denise needles are a pleasure to use: they're plastic but very smooth and all kinds of yarn just glide over them.

I should also mention that the whole thing is PLASTIC so you have no worries about the airport. The case is about the size of a small book, and takes up considerably less space than, say, four dozen knitting needles.

I was shocked not to find this amazing invention in any of my local LA knitting stores - I guess they want to sell needles - but you can get them on eBay all the time, or go direct to the source,

Here is a picture from their website:

It's hard to believe, but almost no one I know has even heard of these needles, and for the past several months I've been using nothing but.

(Previously I was all hopped up on the TURBO needles, which are super-great, but still not as perfect and efficient as Denise.)


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