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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

You'd better get yourself some of these!

For anyone (me) who HATES to pin things for seaming, these little thingamabobs are truly a miracle.

I think they're from Clover, and I'm pretty sure I got them at Edna Hart on Rowena in Silver Lake. I don't remember what they cost but they're worth twice that.

I've never seen these before and immediately knew I would love them. They're like little padlocks - they can be used as markers on your needles, added later to your knitting and then secured, or, best of all, instead of those freaking PINS when you need to hold a seam together to sew or crochet it. They come in this package and have two colors: a fleshy pink and a turquoisey green.

Ingenious little inventions like this make life worth living.


Blogger Mary Jessica said...

Those little thingies look awesome! Since my next project will be that easy baby sweater (pattern courtesy of Jenny), I'm thinking I might need to get my hands on those for my first project that involves combining separate pieces. Whee!
Eagerly anticipating the tank top patterns...
xoxo MJ

7:59 AM


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