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Monday, May 15, 2006

Second Twize Top - perfecto!

I started this top in what I thought would be plenty of time for my pal Misty's birthday, but as it turns out, I only just finished it about a week ago. I started it on my one day you have to give them for Jury Duty, but instead of knitting all day I got picked for a case and had to go and listen to the case most of the day (before successfully weaseling out of being on the jury).

No matter, it did get done, and between her crazy schedule and mine, there just has been no time to run it over to her.

Ran over to her house today, made her strip, threw on the top, and here's the result:

Not bad, I'd say, not bad.

This is the purple colorway of the Twize bamboo yarn. I like it better than the wild rice colors, but I get compliments on that one too so who knows.


Blogger Mary Jessica said...

That top is beautiful! Wonderful job! I love that purple color. I've never knitted with bamboo before, but it seems like it'd be right up my alley. I really, really like the pattern, too - would you describe it as being beginning, intermediate or advanced? I'm trying to have more luck with garment-making; it seems that for every successful project I have a crap one that turns out all wrong. There's probably a lesson in there somewhere (like check my gauge?)....xoxo

5:31 AM


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