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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Little Pinkie!

Okay so I just finished my secret project.

Jenny and I were in Suss last weekend and saw this half cape/half poncho completed and for sale for $200 - duh, no thanks. It was super-cute but Sweet Fancy Moses I'm not paying that kind of price for something that simple.

They had the exact yarn and even though I didn't really need it I also got the pattern - a grand total of I think $36, and Jenny paid $6 of that for the pattern.

This is done on a size 9, which made it take a lot longer than I'd expected - about a week and a half - but it certainly was easy to do, and not too much counting.

The pattern is cast on 100, do 10 rows, then do a decrease at either end every 3rd row until Row 71, then decrease at each end for the next 10 rows and then bind off. You make two of these and then sew the side seams - Easy!

I thought about whether or not to do it in the round, doing the decreases either at the end and mid-points or maybe trying some other way to get the math to work out, but in the end I decided to just follow the pattern (very hard for me - I always want to change stuff and I HATE sewing stuff together).

Also, Suss patterns are all but riddled with errors, so doing something "by the book" may not work anyway if that book is from Suss....

Well, I did follow the pattern and I have to say I think the side seams are actually nice. We'll see what Jenny has to say about it!

Picture is of the item itself, with the lovely Jenny in it, natch.


Blogger Mary Jessica said...

So cute! And what a great model, yes?
I found a pattern for a similar type wrappy thing; I think I found it at or something. Anyway, the pattern I found is intended for a beginner (such as myself) who cannot yet approach the idea of increasing/decreasing (although I think I might actually understand the concept behind it). It's basically a big ole rectangle that you fold in half and seam on one side, leaving enough room for a neck hole. Think I'll try it. MJ

8:50 AM

Blogger ruth666 said...

This is actually an excellent beginner's project, because decreases are SUPER easy with this fuzzy yarn - just knit or purl two stitches together at either end. (Decreases can be more complicated and just knitting or purling two together won't give the same effect on all projects, but it's fine for this one.)

Don't use the first two stitches though, instead knit or purl one, then do the next two together, then knit or purl until three stitches from the end, do two together, then knit or purl the last stitch. It just looks nicer that way.

3:05 PM


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