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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Fair Isle is DONE!

All right it does need to be blocked still, and I liked that so I will do it again, but I couldn't resist these photos.

This is made with Suss Cotton on Size 7 needles, worked entirely in the round and with no seams (just like the purple one below). Fair Isle-ing takes longer than regular knitting (even though it is just as easy) so this took me two or possibly three weeks to make - I'm not too sure.

After visiting Jenny at Knit Café and finding out about her carpal tunnel CAUSED by knitting, I kind of slowed down, so I probably could have had this done two or three days ago. No matter - I gots me no deadlines.

A word about the patterning -

With a couple of exceptions, I made up these patterns as I went along, or drew them out on graph paper. Elizabeth Zimmerman (henceforth E-Zim) said that just about anything would look good on the yoke and she wasn't kidding.

In fact the black and white bits (the pattern below the green neck ribbing) I drew the pattern and then read my paper wrong - and it STILL came out cool.

So let 'er rip on these patterns - EVERYTHING looks like you meant it that way.

Okay here are the pics!

First one is while I'm doing the yoke:

This is it laid flat:

This is detail of the neck:

And these two are of me wearing it!

It was a pleasure to make, but I think the next thing really will have to be a Top-Down Raglan. I need to conquer my fear, and am SO inspired by the photo on MJ's blog that I MUST do one.

And duh, I never thought about doing a Short Sleeve - but it is cute, Cute, CUTE!

So chuck your trepidations and join me in/on the Fair Isle!


Blogger Mary Jessica said...

That looks amazing! Lovely colors and lovely design and a lovely fit!
OK. I'm going to make one (um, after we move that is), which means that I might possibly be bugging you for advice and/or support.
(I linky-linked to your sweater on my ye olde blogge.)
xo MJ

6:53 AM

Anonymous Jenny said...

That is SERIOUSLY the most amazing thing I have ever ever seen!! I downright LOVE the 3/4 length sleeve look it ended up with too. And the COLORS!! Outstanding.

I am so in lust with that thing it's unnatural.

GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

XOXO Jenny

6:59 PM

Blogger Carrieoke said...

Wow, that is freakin' gorgeous! You must not be scared of anything if you can conquer the fair isle.

8:12 AM

Blogger ruth666 said...

Thanks to all for the gushing praise!

And Carrie I'm still plenty scared of stuff - like crazy stitch patterns. All I ever do is garter, stockinette, or seed stitch.

I do know how to cable (and of course that's easy too) but I'm extremely intimidated by the fancy Slip Here Yarn There stitches!

12:45 PM

Anonymous Mary-Heather said...

Looks great, Ruth! Super-fun colors, and it fits you perfectly. I love "E-Zim" so much.

10:58 AM


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