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Thursday, February 17, 2005

What I'm up to now....

I got this great book, KNITTING WITHOUT TEARS, and it's just wonderful. Not only does Mz. Zimmerman Know Her Shit, she's a pleasure to read - salty and sarcastic - not what I was expecting from a knitting book, that's for sure.

Anyway her thing is Entirely Seamless Sweaters, and since that's my deal too I am VERY excited to give one a try. I'm combining some patterning (my first attempt) from her Ski Sweater with the body style of her Seamless Sweater.

You knit the thing in the round to the armpits, then knit the individual sleeves in the round up to the shoulders, then put the armpit stitches on holders and join the whole bastard up to do the yoke/shoulders/neck still in the round.

So far I'm about 10 or 11 inches in so I don't know how the whole thing will go - more as it progresses. In the meantime here's the progression of the pattern:

I'm using Twisted Sister half silk half wool and #7 and #8 needles. Gauge is 5 stitches to the inch for a Zimmerman sweater, and she means it. I used the 7s on the ribbing and the 8s on the body and pattern. I want it to come in a little at the waist so I'm back on the 7s until the armpit. There's no visible difference in the result so I think I will stick with the 7s.

Bottom two inches are K1 P1 rib. It's a really luxurious yarn and I think it will be a great sweater.


Blogger Mary Jessica said...

Wow! How are you doing the pattern -is that fair isle, I guess? I haven't tried that yet, but I am working on my 2nd top-down raglan, which I love because it's also done in one piece (except the sleeves aren't done separately and then joined to the yoke. I've never tried that). What a lovely looking sweater-in-progress! MJ

6:10 AM


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