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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Oh and one more thing

Oh and here's the newest sweater. This one is for Young Hank, who is about six months old now. I made this big so he can wear it I hope for a few months:

It's copied from a sweater Mary Heather made (Knit Café) and it's got a very cute boat neck.

Super-easy Recipe:

Front and back are the same - a square of whatever dimension you are after.

The first and last 9 rows are contrasting color in garter stitch, and the body between is main color in stockinette.

The only tricky thing is sewing the neck together but even that's not so bad. Then set the sleeves in - no knitting them on because of the seam at the boat neck - and sew the sides.

I used a 10.5 needle for the rainbow stuff and a size 10 for the blue.

The blue is Manos del Uruguay yarn, and one skein made all but the last 10 rows of the second sleeve, which leads me to contemplate that

1. a smaller sweater (this one is 12 x 12 inches) could be done with only one skein, or

2. if I'd put a stripe or something in the body I could have done the whole thing with the one skein.

Oh well, now I can make a matching hat and probably scarf too - the skein is I think 135 yards.


Blogger Mary Jessica said...

I was wondering what was going on! The sweater is so beautiful and I'm impressed with the cable. I, too, fear the cable, but I'm inspired to give it a whirl now. Don't stay away too long next time in ye olde bloggyland, y'hear! xo MJ

11:06 AM


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