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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

All right, I know it's been a while

So, SO much to update!

I've been too busy to post (boo), but not too busy to knit (yay).

Okay, here goes:

First, after much gnashing of teeth (and a few interim projects), I have Finally Finished TSTWD. I've even worn it a few times, and with the exception of it being a bit tight in the shoulders, it all came out fine.

The sleeve has a nifty skull and crossbones that I lifted from here:

I tried this pattern first on this cute baby hat

which went right over to Henry.

I love baby hats - even with the slow-down for the counting to make the skull pattern it still only took one night to make the hat.

Okay, so here's the wrapup on TSTWD:

I did the skull and crossbones on the outer right sleeve and it looks very cool. If you just keep your shit together and count correctly it's easy to do and it comes out great. The pictures suck because I took them with my phone.

I did have to change yarns on this thing but the shinier black lasted long enough to do the whole back and all of both fronts. The sleeves and collar are in the not-so-shiny black and it's really not noticeable at all.

More pics as I can take them - it's kind of a pain to take them, import to iPhoto, then upload and link. Also, it's a black cardigan - hard to take a decent shot of it.

(I know, waa waaa waaa)

Moving on to Young Bertram:

Jenny and I had been kicking around an idea for a Frankenstein sweater made of green yarn with embellishments of black to look like stitches. I had some Lion Brand Fun Fur and got the idea to make the sweater with the green sleeves but have the fronts and back in fur to look like a vest.

I only had one skein each of the chocolate and the copper so I alternated two rows of each color and it worked out great. The sweater doesn’t look striped; it's just a medium color instead of a dark brown or a light copper.

Sewing in the sleeves SUCKED though. I thought it would be easier than picking up the stitches but I may have been wrong. If I do another I will try it that way.

It still needs blocking, because that fur has no firmness, but I'm still pretty proud of it anyway:

In other news, I am also just about finishing a little yellow hat in a couple of different stitches for Young Bertram. By the time this kid gets here he'll have a whole wardrobe waiting for him!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


So, so, so awesome!

That's one hell of an update, pal!!


10:02 PM

Blogger Mary Jessica said...

Hooray! I was wondering when you'd show up again...that Frankenstein sweater is AMAZING, as is the piratey skull on both the hat and sweater. I admire all pieces greatly. And I don't know who this Bertram fella is, but I approve of his name wholeheartedly. I reckon it must be a baby of some sort. Anyway, glad to read your lovely update!! MJ

6:04 AM


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