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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Jenny's Done It Again!

Well either that or Peggy totally hustled us.

Last night Jenny came over with the intent to teach Peggy to knit. She's never so much as touched a knitting needle before, and within seconds she's just whipping off stitch after stitch.


Jenny has only taught about a million people to knit, and even she was impressed.

I'm upgrading my computer right now and will post pics of Peggy's knitting when able, but believe me, it's Freaking Perfect.

Every stitch in every row is the same - the sides are completely straight and the rows in her garter stitch are perfect.

It's SCARY - Jenny and I are both quite sure we've been flim-flammed, but out of what???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point! I have yet to figure out her scam, but she's obviously up to no good!! That, or the power of Satan really DOES compel her!


12:33 PM


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