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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

More on the fairness of Fair Isle

You have no idea how EASY this is - really, you always just have two colors and a SUPER simple pattern. No twisting, no nothing. Very little counting even!

Just don't have more than 5 stitches per color. And only two colors per row.

If you change colors VERTICALLY it looks like you have all these colors going at once, but the truth is HORIZONTALLY it's just two colors per row. Yeah, you can get all elaborate and have a pattern that's 12 rows high and 12 rows across, but really that's not necessary.

You should at least try with the simplest three-row pattern:

Row 1
All Contrast Color (all black)

Row 2
Every other stitch a different color (black, white, black, white)

Row 3
All Contrast Color (all black)

I always keep the dark color on the left (or "down") and the light color on the right (or "up"), and at first I even said in my head, "green up, orange down," over and over like a mental patient, so I didn’t twist them. Elizabeth wants you to do it one color in each hand but I don't like that and prefer my way.

All of the patterns in my current sweater are based on repeated groups of four stitches, so make sure your total stitches is divisible. That one I just gave only needs to be divisible by two.

Try it!!!


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