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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Fair Aisle?

In response to MJ's question, I think the patterning in this purple sweater does count as Fair Aisle, but since I only did it with one color (black) against the main color, I didn't think that counted.

Not only that, but for the yoke I do plan to try more than one color, so I want to be able to claim Full Fair Aisle gloating rights once I actually do it.

I'm not sure I want to do that crazy of a deal - several colors - because you really need to put them on bobbins or whatever to do that and I'm not interested in that.

Do stay tuned, thougg, because the body of the sweater is done - it's 14 inches high as of last night - and I will be starting the sleeves today.

I know, I know - I NEVER do sleeved sweaters. But I kind of want to give this pattern the full try and without sleeves this is just another one of MY sweaters. I want to try this sleeves-and-yoke-on-same-needle deal.

If the sweater is too warm I can always give it away.


Blogger Mary Jessica said...

a HA! Well, please keep your adoring public informed and fortified with pictures and stuff. I'm very interested to see how this sweater progresses! MJ

5:23 AM


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