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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Look out world, here comes the Top Down Raglan!

Finally, a new project!

Following my triumphant finish to the Fair Isle sweater, I promptly fell ill to some really gnarly seasonal allergies - and am just now back to knitting.

Guided by the kind and gentle hand of MJ (Top Down Raglan Sensei) I have left the comfort of the seamless bottom-up EZ sweater, and entered the world of the Top Down Raglan.

I'm again using the Twisted Sister wool/silk (like for the dark purple sweater from months ago), but this time in light colors - a pink and a variegated pink/purple/blue/gray.

I started it on Tuesday night and here's what I have so far:

One look and I don't have to tell you I totally screwed the pooch on the YO, Slip Marker, K1, YO deal, especially at the first increase row - any knitter will look at it and be horrified. The rest of the world, however, will have no clue and I'm not starting again.

The next one will be perfect. That's enough.

So far this has been interesting, and I like the lack of measuring. I tried it on and already I really like this sweater. I'm going to make very short sleeves, though, so it won't be too hot to wear.

I will say one thing I did NOT enjoy was threading half of it onto the black thread so I could try it on - what a pain in the ass that is. And I expect the same thrill when I slip everything back onto the needles. I'm guessing I need another 10 rows or so, at which point I guess I will do this dumb thread thing again.

More as it develops - I have No Idea how anyone could put a color pattern into one of these top parts - I had a hard enough time just changing colors! I HATE the yarn over!!! And boy would it ever screw up the math in even the most basic of Fair Isle patterns....


Anonymous Jenny said...

Yaaaay! MJ will be so so proud, and I am too!

Twisted Sisters, eep! This will come to be known as the "Top-Down, Top-Dollar Raglan" to knitters in the know!

Good show!!


6:13 PM

Blogger Mary Jessica said...

I hope I don't steer you wrong! That looks beautiful, and I AM proud of your lovely sweater! Good show, indeed! xo MJ

5:31 AM


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