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Friday, December 30, 2005

The Wrapup!

Okay so I've been knitting myself crazy over this whole Mya thing, and here is what I have completed for her. Warning - it's a long post!

But first, this picture is of the E-Zim knitted Möbius I whipped up because I got tired of looking at this lone ball of multicolored wool.

Best thing about this project? Since the Möbius strip is a theoretical object, I was able to do the single crochet border on both sides as one continuous line - There Is Only One Edge to this item!

I washed it this morning because last night when I wore it it was a bit scratchy. Seems to have softened.

It's about half as long as E-Zim recommends - she says 60 inches! - but it's perfect for me. Southern Cal gets a bit chilly but really warm clothes are of no use to me.

Back to Mya -

She's due on the scene around January 15th, but as we know it's an imprecise science at best, so anytime after - um - today - she might just show up.

At least she'll have plenty to wear!

Here's a super-soft crazy combo:

And here's that silk sweater and hat combo - note the YO borders!

Cute Pillbox Hat:

And this Frankenstein-Style vest. By the way NEVER EVER knit with this stuff - I nearly killed myself! As it is I made it a vest instead of a sweater because I couldn't stand another moment of it!

Another delightfully soft yarn that's IMPOSSIBLE to work with - except maybe on a scarf:

Two shots of the yellow seed stitch set - I really love the way this came out -

Okay, That's IT!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's a THREE-fer!

Yes, I know it's been A Long Time since I posted, but I've been busy like everyone else this time of year.

So let's get to it.

I took Ba's shrug to UNWIND for some glamour shots before mailing it off, so here's how it looks. The photos don't show how shiny it is, which is a shame. The stripe worked great, though, and I'm very pleased with it overall.

Next is the red and white number I whipped up using the E-Zim technique for the seamless in the round yoke sweater. It needed a little improv for a kid's size (this is going to a two-year-old tomorrow) but otherwise it worked great and looks super cute.

Knitted in red and white Suss Cotton that I've had in my stash FOREVER - so I get points for using up old yard AND making something nice for Veronika, who so appreciates everything I make for her.

Yay (and Happy Birthday) Veronika!

Note - I have invented what I am calling The Popcorn Neck -

I made the thing twice as high in K1 P1 rib but discovered it was too tight to go over a 19-inch head, so I ripped back about half of the ribbing and threaded the yarn back through the live loops (kind of like you do when you are about to close the top of a hat like a drawstring). Instead of pulling closed, I stretched the neck as wide as it would go, then wove in the very long end a long way down so it won't unravel.

It looks so cute and frilly!

Last on the hit parade is a little pink number I just finished for Mya. I tool some photos this afternoon before I finished it but Blogger only allows upload of so many per post. More when it's blocked and really finished. This one is a kind of salmony pink 100% silk. It was great to work with - it lies so flat! - and is more cottony than silky to the touch.

I'm not so happy with the button holes though (single crochet border puts them kind of deep into the sweater) and may just sew them up!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Oh this time of year!

Well even in the midst of all this End Of Year stuff I did manage to finish Barbara's shrug, and I'm proud to say it turned out GREAT.

These are just some quick shots. I did the stripe to go around and it worked - lined up perfectly - yay!

I have to say that for all the HELL that was working with Trendsetter Segue, it did come out nice.

I went to UNWIND and took some shots of it on the mannequin but haven't got them out of the camera yet. These are kind of cool because you can see how the thing is done top to bottom, so that the colors match up.

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