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Thursday, July 14, 2005


Oh I'm so happy!

My first Top-Down Raglan is done!

In retrospect I likely should have used cheaper yarn on my first one, what with the figuring tension and measurements and such. No matter, this thing looks so CUTE!

I should have decreased the sleeves - they're bordering on baggy but so short that no one will notice. I may resort to the E-Zim trick of weaving elastic into the ribbing if this bugs me when I wear it.

All told I guess it took what, a week? I started it last Tuesday night and finished it the following Wednesday night. Not bad. I think I could have shaved a day off that if I didn't have to EARN A LIVING...

One thing though - whatever is the deal with the increase stitches not meeting up where they meet at the underarm?

I just kind of winged it to get them together but I don’t' know why my stitches surrounding the Yarn Over increases are SO LOOSE right here, making this area very messy. Plus the single row between the Yarn Overs "miss" each other at the joining point - not exactly ideal.

I guess this is because on the circular needle the rows don't exactly meet up - ?

Anyway here's the fixed one

And here it is with one done, one to go.

This was hardly difficult to fix - but I am wondering if there wasn't something I did wrong here; something that I can correct on the next one.

Happy to hear all comments!


Anonymous susan said...

I've never knit a top-down raglan but I've knit bottoms-up and they always have you leave some live stitches at the underarm which you then kitchener-stitch together. I know the two methods (top-down vs. bottom-up) are pretty seriously different, but I can't help wondering if the kitchener stitch thing would be a good idea in both cases.

2:24 PM


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