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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

All right, all right

Okay so here's the photos

Realizing what a tease that last post was, I screwed up the courage to snap some pics of this thing on me. Just don't laugh too hard looking at them.

You can see the neat yarn and the fancy stitch - and also the horrible horrible fit. The shot of the back doesn't show how low it really hangs - in fact it comes almost to my waist when I'm just standing up (not contorting with a camera).

Interestingly, I like that bare back thing, just not for me.

So all right, Knit Community - can it be salvaged? Since it's two yarns together I REALLY don't want to have to rip the whole thing out....


Blogger uacz97zqoq said...

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6:56 PM

Anonymous Jenny said...

I think you already know my opinion on this...that it will need to be ripped out. Even if you found a way to tweak it into something else, would that something else really be something you'd want to wear?

Better to rip it out and deal with the momentary pain than to have a garment you'll never be totally satisfied with. It's such lovely yarn that it deserves to be reworked into something, y'know? That's my two cents, anyhow.

7:57 PM


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