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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


So I guess today was a case of Life Imitates Art (or what passes for art) because today I stepped into my television.

What the hell am I talking about?

Why SIX FEET UNDER of course, and today I sort of stepped into it --- by entering UNWIND, the knitting store where Ruth Fisher has been hanging out this season.

So far they haven't had much of an increase in business due to the show, but that can pretty much be attributed to the fact that only one shot shows the name of the store (as Ruth is leaving), and unless you are INSANE you just watch the show, you don't write things down and Google them later.

Of course I am insane, so immediately after the show I Googled it, and discovered that the store is in Burbank (a.k.a. WHERE IT'S AT), and driving there today took a mere 10 minutes!

The store is big, nicely laid out, and well stocked both with interesting yarns and good books. Stephanie and Carol (and how I hope I got the names right) were supernice, and the whole experience is topped off with free, meterless street parking.

Oh and I almost forgot: They have a Frequent Flier program - they punch your card for every I think $10 you buy, and when the card is full you get $30 credit!

I am utterly thrilled to add UNWIND to my list of yarneries!


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