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Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm at it again!

After what I will call success (hey why not?) on my first Top-Down Raglan, I decided to see how it would look if I did the KNIT INTO FRONT AND BACK increase instead of the YARN OVER increase.

With lots of babies on the way or already crawling around, I thought I would try a small one, both because I like making kids' clothes and because I figured it would go fast.

Of course, not to be forgotten is the fact that with their smaller yarn requirements, kid clothes are perfect for using up the extra yarn you have from any projects where you over-estimated your needs.

This cute sweater top (all I have so far but it's only been a couple of days) is using some of the extra yarn I have (almost a full skein of each color) from the Suss Cotton Fair Isle.

The colors are like a Creamsicle - delicious for either gender!

I'm using a size 7 needle and the gauge is I think 4.5 sts/in.

I have to say much as I thought the YO increase was cool, this way looks a lot neater. Also, I paid very close attention on this one and ended up with the correct number of stitches between the markers - yay!

I should have enough orange to finish it in orange but may do another cream stripe combo in there just to be sure.

Here's the first night's worth - note the nice tidy increase!

And here's what I have now:

At this point you can see the sleeves are on thread - I will be joining the body now and working my way to the bottom from here.


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