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Saturday, September 03, 2005

No Lost Causes!

I saved my top by crocheting an open lacy deal (my lame-ass concoction of half double and double crochet) with the nubby yarn across the top bound-off seam, decreasing like crazy at either end. I found that worked a little TOO well, making the thing REALLY pull in from side to side, so now that's the back.

For the front I picked up all the bound-off stitches and knit (no crochet) using the nubby yarn. First I did a row of the pattern stitch - K1, wrap to the end, then the next row K1, drop wrapped stitch. Then I did one row of plain all-knit, then I started the K1, YO, K2tog deal to make the open lacy stitch. I decreased at either end a few times but not so much as with the crochet side. When I'd done about 2 or 3 inches I bound off and sewed the lace into the straps (instead of picking up strap stitches like I did with the crochet side), and voila!

I will have to get someone else to take pictures of it so you can see the back, but I have already worn it two times. It's very see-through so I wear a nude colored bra with it. Really you think you're seeing a lot more than you're really seeing though.


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