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Thursday, August 25, 2005

I can't stop myself!

Okay so I'm really losing it now.

After finishing that CUTE Loop-d-Loop Ballet T-Shirt in just Two Days I just had to do another one!

I was at The Knit Cafe showing off the green one and before I knew it I had purchased four skeins of DELICIOUS Manos del Uruguay cotton yarn to make another one!

The green one is a bit tight, so I got daring and this orange one has 4 more stitches in it. I cast on 2 more than the pattern calls for at each underarm, then made the necessary changes to the number of stitches before and after the increases and decreases. No biggie and it worked great.

Here's a shot of the whole thing:

Unfortunately, I found an interesting comment about this yarn - that it stretches a lot! - AFTER I finished the top. No matter, it's so soft I just want to SLEEP in it!

My last embellishment was the one All Purl row three rows from the bottom, followed by three knit rows and a knit bind-off. This makes a nice "double hem" kind of thing because otherwise I don't have to tell you about stockinette rolling.

Here are two shots of the bottom edge:

Also, today I joined my first webring! I can't figure out how to get the correct image for the link, but it's up there anyway!


Anonymous La said...

For the correct code for the image for the CA Knitbloggers ring, go to Click on the miscellaneous button, and follow the CA Knitbloggers prompts from there. You'll eventually get to a tutorial on how to upload images to your blog template AND you'll find the correct code. The code that ringsurf gives you is wrong, and I've just been too lazy to fix it.

11:41 PM

Anonymous Jenny said...

I really do love this top. The colors and shape are awesome!!

9:54 PM


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