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Monday, August 22, 2005

Zip, Zip, It is DONE!

This is awesome - last Friday I got a copy of the new Loop-d-Loop book at Knit Cafe. They are having a trunk show - almost all the projects featured in the book are there in the Knit Cafe for us to look at in person.

What a cool thing that is! It makes SUCH a difference to be able to see the actual article in person.

Needless to say I bought the book.

At home I checked my (ahem) yarn stash and found a 170yd skein of Suss Cotton in a lovely lime green. I'd used the better part of another skein of this to make the Frankenstein Sweater and had maybe half a skein of the lime left, plus I had two balls of a cool variegated lime-ish yarn of about the same worsted weight, so these are what I used for this project.

It's solid lime until I ran out, and after that it's lime plus the variegated (this is worked two-stranded). I think it came out GREAT and can't wait to wear it in to show Mary Heather.

This is the Ballet T-Shirt and it's supposed to be cropped, but I went an additional 5 rows in just the variegated to get a bit of length because there's a good amount of me to cover with the shirt.


The directions are super-clear and utterly straightforward, and the thing knits up in two days! You courld reasonably knit this while on a long plane ride, plus it's all done in the round so there's no seams! Finally, since it's a top-down deal you can even put the thing on yarn and try it on if you feel like it.


This is my first post using Blogger's Add Photo button - so bear with me -

Okay here are the pics:


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