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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Only a matter of time

... before I would join the throng of those who knit the Sherry's Easy Shrug from UNWIND.

This pattern is hardly even a pattern - if you can do a K2 P2 rib you are already done. It's all done in one piece and then seamed together. Right now I've cast on the extra stitches at either end and am doing the part that contains the sleeves (why it's wider now).


I'm finding that the rib is slowing me down, but still after just two nights this is what I have:

I'm using a lovely almost nubby gray ROYAL TWEED and am into my third 50g ball of it now. I hope to finish this shrug for our weekend away in Carmel, where it's chilly.

More to come, as usual.

For now here's what the cats think of it -


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