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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Now Getting It Ready....

I finally finished what I mistakenly thought would be a quick and dirty fuzzy pink sweater for - are you ready? - Baby Maya Ackenhausen (due in January 2006).

Turns out the fuzzy yarn is hard for me to work with because I can't see the damned stitches to sew seams and such. I thought I would get around this by doing the back and fronts as one piece (cast on the stitches for the back and both fronts, then work even until you reach the arm separations).

This worked great and I was cool with the 3-needle shoulder bind-off. Unfortunately, that left me in a quandary: If I wanted to pick up the stitches for the sleeves, I would have to knit them in the round.

"Wait," you say - "don't you prefer working in the round?" Why yes I do, now that you mention it. What kills it for me on this sweater is that the sleeve is so small I would have to use the dreaded Double Pointed Needles, which can bite me.

OK then, separate sleeves, fitted in. Done it several times - no biggie.

So I did it and when it came time to fit the second one in the damned fuzzy thing is so impossible to tell this from that that I ended up doing it so that no matter how you turn the sweater, one sleeve is inside out and the other is right side out!

Now at this point any dedicated, SERIOUS knitter would grit some teeth, rip out one of the seams, and re-do it correctly. Not me! This stuff is Awful, and I just want to be done with this thing.

Besides, it's for 0-3 months - she'll wear it once and grow out of it. And I bet you any amount of money she will have No Idea about the sleeve situation.

Pics to come - it's blocking right now (in hopes that will at least help hide said sleeve situation).


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