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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

And Finally -


I did have to add a few stitches at intervals all the way around in order to get it to be the right size, and altough I know no one else will see, I do notice the increases. I also added a few rows in the boobs before starting the decreases and that worked well. It put my just into a 5th skein, though, which probably could be avoided next time.

I’m hoping blocking will make the added stitches a bit less noticeable, but even if it doesn’t I’m still very happy with the way this top turned out.

The tailoring at the sides looks pretty good – different from the tops that have increases and decreases on either side of the center stitch. I especially like the darts under the bust. It fits really well!

If I could pay attention and count I’m sure this would have come out perfect, but this is close enough for me. I’ll definitely try again with the same kind of yarn and the same needles.

Oh and note the YO, K 2 tog border at the bottom – Cute!


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