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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Maybe I don't suck?

You will laugh but I am making the second stab at the
Magknits Picolvolo Top, and I think it's going well in spite of my - um - talents. The pattern calls for 5.5 sts/in which is just too fine and blindness-causing for me, so I'm doing it at 4.5 per inch and following the pattern as if I were making the smaller size.

I was just about to rip out the whole thing - again - when I discovered I had nowhere near the number of stitches the pattern said (although I did all the increases right) but thought I'd try it on and see how bad it was before unraveling it. I threaded it all onto my favorite "scrap yarn" -- Dental Floss - and tried it on.

I was at the point where it just about covered my boobs, and what do you know, it pretty much fits! So no unraveling, and now I'm just at the end of all the waist decreases, which are a lot of work but do look nice. I'm out of yarn, though, because the yarn I'm using (a lovely mid-to-light pink mercerized cotton) was purchased for a different project and I only got three skeins. I figure I will need two more to finish - but that's a good lesson for me too because I never know how much yarn I will need for a project and end up with way too much if I follow what the patterns say.


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